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Criminal Law

When you’re faced with criminal charges or an arrest, it’s common to feel anxious and nervous. Give yourself the upper hand by turning to Hoekenga & Machado to assist you in developing your best defense. Our firm handles a wide variety of criminal law case ranging from serious felonies to traffic citations. During your legal proceedings, Hoekenga & Machado will serve as your advocate and offer you ongoing support and sound legal advice.

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Drug Offenses

The state of Connecticut and the Federal Court as a whole has cracked down on drug possession and sales. Contact our office to assist you as you navigate through the judicial system regardless if you have been charged with Possession of Narcotics, Sale of Narcotics, operation of a Drug Factor, Possession of Narcotics in a School Zone, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, etc. We can help you in whatever your needs may be.

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Crimes Against A Person

If you’ve been accused of using violent force upon another individual or tax fraud, identity theft, securities law, or forgery you may be facing serious consequences. Call our firm to assist in your legal defense when you need it most.

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Driving Under The Influence

Those charged with Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated are prosecuted both criminally and administratively. You may face a judge in criminal court along with a hearing officer from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This administrative per se hearing determines the suspension of your driver’s license. If you were charged with a DUI/DWI, call us and learn your rights and to obtain experienced legal advice for both processes.

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Personal Injury

When you are injured in an accident, you will have to deal with a wide array of stressful circumstances: Getting any property damage fixed; Getting your medical bills paid; Missing time from work; Scheduling doctor’s visits and dealing with insurance company adjusters all throughout the process. Let Hoekenga & Machado eliminate some of this stress so you can just focus on recovering from your injuries. Our firm will seek to recover damages for those injured by the negligence of others and will assist you in the legal proceedings to ultimately aim to make you whole again. Whether you’ve been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, a Slip and Fall Incident, if you have a Products Liability Case or if you’ve been injured on the job, our attorneys and staff are here to help you.

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Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on the job and are unable to work, you have an immediate need for medical treatment and a source of income. Make sure your rights are protected and that you are getting the medical assistance you need. Our team offers a wealth of experience navigating the worker’s compensation field. Attorney Philip Spillane has over 35 years of experience and his efforts in the case of Harpaz v. Laidlaw Transit, resulted in a precedent setting decision that significantly limited the ability of employers to contest your claims if they failed to follow the proper procedural guidelines required by law. You can depend on Hoekenga & Machado to advocate on your behalf and help you receive the money necessary to support yourself while you are out of work struggling with your injuries. Contact our New Milford office today to schedule a consultation.

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Family Law

Any case involving dispute amongst family members are emotional, complicated and stressful. Let Hoekenga & Machado help you during your difficult time and help eliminate some of the uncertainty that comes with these matters. Our office handles Dissolution of Marriages (Divorces), Legal Separations, Child Custody, Child Support Modifications, Child Protection, Child Visitation, Emergency Orders, Alimony Disputes, Property Division and Pension Distributions, 3rd Party Rights, Grandparent’s Rights and Divorce Mediations.

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Civil Litigation

Our office handles complicated disputes between individuals and/or organizations in which compensation may be awarded for damages or breaches. Hoekenga and Machado handles anything from Contract Disputes, Contractor/Subcontractor Disputes, Employment Issues, Wrongful Death, Small Claims, Debt Collection or a Dispute against Neighbors.

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Real Estate Law

Our office handles a wide variety of real estate transactions. Whether you’re buying your first home, quit claiming a deed to a property, selling inherited real estate or looking for a mortgage modification, our office can assist you with all your needs. Our experienced staff will assist you with every step of your closing, foreclosure, buying/selling of residential or commercial real estate, refinancing and/or quit claim deed processes. Give us a call and ask for our paralegal, Dorothy Monaco.

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Estate Planning & Probate

Our office will draft your wills, trusts, living wills, health proxies, executorships and a wide range of other probate matters. If a loved one passes away, call our office to help ease the stress of handling their affairs.

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Business Representation

Are you trying to open a business, merge with another company, or are you expanding rapidly? Contact our office to help with the reviewing and drafting of contracts, contract negotiations, formation and dissolution of companies or corporations, debt collection, employment issues and for overall business advisement.

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